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Monitoring and diagnostic platform

Platform for monitoring, diagnostics, forecasting, operation management of electrical equipment and power supply systems of distributed infrastructure facilities

The platform is designed to provide an integrated package of tools and information services for the creation and implementation of digital technologies in the process of monitoring and managing electrical power equipment in various infrastructures.

Scope of the Platform

Designing applications in the low-code style and their operation to automate operational processes for companies operating in the electric power industry, including those implementing the full production cycle from equipment development to the provision of services based on it, in particular, in order to optimize electric power management processes flexibility in the electricity market.


Support for data storages of various types: SQL, NoSQL, Object.
Automatic generation of user interface based on formal meta description;
Integrated system for processing large volumes of data based on Apache NiFi;
Designing applications via a web interface;
Built-in information model of basic energy infrastructure facilities;
Role-based access model management and user administration;
Drivers for devices for intelligent management of distributed energy resources;
Customizable data processing rules;
Library of aggregated control algorithms;
Integration with a system for forecasting market indicators.

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