City of Innovation

For five years now, the Moscow Innovation Cluster (MIK) has been helping startups and high-tech businesses create new solutions and bring them to market. Among such companies are manufacturers of DNA texts, innovative cosmetics, 3D pavilions, equipment for cars and many others.

Turning an innovative idea into a profitable business is the dream of every aspiring startup owner. Often, he needs support, especially at the beginning, to attract investment, scale production and enter the market. At the same time, a more experienced entrepreneur with ready-made high-tech and in-demand products may need help. If not financial, then informational or expert.

The capital today provides businesses with a variety of support tools. But it is MIC that focuses on innovative developments, high-tech solutions and breakthrough products. Since 2019, more than 7,000 metropolitan companies have received financial support through the MIK digital platform – – for a total amount of over 12.5 billion rubles.

Most often, innovators apply for grants for the purchase and leasing of equipment, and for the payment of interest on loans. The maximum amount of support is RUB 30 million. Thus, it is possible to compensate half the costs for domestic or 35% of the costs for imported equipment. Recipients of MIC support represent a wide variety of sectors of the economy: food production, pharmaceuticals, machinery manufacturing, IT, telecommunications, scientific research, construction, automotive, education and ecology. Among them there are unusual projects.

Saving wisely

In 2020, FESCOM joined the MIC and over the past three years has developed and implemented a number of digital services and products that help enterprises reduce energy costs. The company is one of the leaders in the development of technology for adaptive control of power consumption modes and cooperates with MTS, Whoosh, government organizations, including the Federal Medical and Biological Agency, and many others. MIC compensated the company for expenses on equipment, engineering, patenting and employee training for a total of 1.5 million rubles.

“I would especially like to note the tools for working with intangible assets. We were among the first companies to take advantage of a pilot lending program secured by intellectual property rights. “Soon we will receive funds at preferential interest rates for business development,” he shared with Vedomosti. City" Deputy General Director for Development of FESKOM JSC Igor Polukarov

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