Our vision

In the  developing world, technology trends largely determine change. The electricity sector is also changing, both technologically and structurally.

We observe that such trends as the increase in the number of distributed energy resources connected to the electric network, the progress of their technical characteristics and intelligent functions, the development of information and communication technologies, the spread of edge computing network technologies are changing the electric power industry system, including changes occur on the side of electricity consumers.
We believe that there is no shortage of pace of development of digital technologies that control the processes of production, dispatch, and distribution of electricity. At the same time, there is a lack of intelligent control over the process of using electrical energy on the consumption side, while significant potential lies in distributed electrical energy resources. The main property of distributed electricity resources is electricity flexibility.

We are convinced that the current passive integration (uncontrolled connection) of distributed electrical energy resources into the electrical grid, as their number grows, for a number of reasons, stimulates the use and development of technologies capable of managing electrical energy flexibility. With the application of electric power flexibility management technologies, the electric power system can become more stable, responsive to changes in demand and more adaptable to variable electrical loads, and the main thing in this is the economic effect. We believe that managing electricity flexibility is the key to a smart electricity system.

Distributed electricity resources that provide flexibility already exist and are connected to public power grids. Electricity flexibility management systems are one tool that can integrate these assets into the electricity system and create tangible benefits for all electricity market actors.

The FESCOM project promotes the development and implementation of energy flexibility management technologies. For our clients, we are creating the FESCOM Digital Platform, with the help of which we have put into practice the technology for adaptive control of electrical energy consumption modes.

By creating the FESCOM Digital Platform, we are developing the building blocks of the future of the electric power industry, because the future cannot be predicted, but it can be built.


Assistance in the creation and development of an application system for adaptive control of electric energy consumption modes, active participation in implementation as a tool integrated into the electric power systems of the CIS member countries forming a single electric power market.


Creation of market products and services of such a class based on the FESCOM Digital Platform that they become a natural and integral part of the purchasing processes, electricity consumption, part of consumer power supply systems, technological and engineering systems.


For us, what we do is not just work done on someone else's orders, we have teamed up with wonderful people, we act, we strive for our goal. Our values are not words on the wall; they are at the core of our internal culture. Our values are our compass. They are specific and understandable and reflect what truly defines us as individuals.

Our five core values:
  1. We have a goal.
  2. We act and constantly learn.
  3. Each of us acts on the result: private and general.
  4. We don't work with companies - we work with people.
  5. Our clients' goals are value.