Examples of application solutions

3 min.

FESCOM virtual power plant

A digital tool for monetizing the capabilities of your equipment or power infrastructure.
3 min.

Energy cost management

Software and hardware complex for managing the cost of purchased electricity using electricity storage systems
3 мин.

Business-oriented analytics

Cloud service for monitoring and recording the performance of commercial and technological equipment
3 min.

Power consumption mode management

Hardware and software complex for controlling electrical energy consumption modes depending on the cost of electricity
2 min.

Equipment and infrastructure dispatching

Cloud service for monitoring, managing operating modes of infrastructure and equipment of power supply systems
3 min.

Electric charging service for kick sharing

Infrastructure service for kick-sharing operators
2 min.

Power quality

Cloud service and open source software for working with devices that measure power quality produced by Janitza electronics
3 min.

Risk-based analytics

Cloud service for monitoring and assessing the technical condition of main technological equipment
2 min.

Electric vehicle charging service at the Moscow Ring Road

Infrastructure service (equipment, cloud software and mobile application) for charging electric vehicles in underground parking lots of the Moscow Ring Railway