Energy Manager FESCOM

  • structural, hardware component of the FESCOM Digital Platform;
  • a device for integrating your infrastructure or equipment with the FESCOM Digital Platform;
  • interface for transparent, secure control and management of your technological infrastructure and equipment;
  • will reveal the possibilities of adaptive control algorithms and edge computing for your business.
  • provides solutions to edge computing problems;
  • High processor performance and modern firmware architecture allow multiple applications to run in parallel, providing maximum flexibility for future use cases;
  • security standards based on recognized modern encryption of data transmission and authentication of users and end devices.

FESCOM Energy Manager — for holistic energy management

For all use cases in the power industry today and in the future
  • placement variability allows for decentralized placement of the energy manager and connected equipment and devices;
  • An intuitive installation wizard ensures easy connection;
  • Remote configuration saves valuable time.
Compact design for quick installation and easy system upgrades at any time
  • connection of many devices and systems, regardless of manufacturer;
  • compatibility with various types of equipment: electric charging stations, photovoltaic inverters, hybrid inverters with DC batteries, energy storage systems, heat pumps, electricity meters, smart metering systems, third-party controllers, etc.;
  • It is possible to connect several energy managers at one facility.
Connection independent of your equipment manufacturer
Why did we do it ourselves?
We received a specialized solution, the best on the market in terms of cost and functionality:
  • embedded software developed by FESCOM;
  • optimal performance;
  • the necessary set of communication interfaces;
  • built-in cybersecurity solutions;
  • a wide range of standardized and specialized protocols for connecting energy devices;
  • modular expandable platform.
  • Ethernet - 1 pc.
  • RS-232/485 - 2 pcs.
  • WLAN - - 1 pc.
  • LTE - 1 pc.
  • CAN - 1 pc.
  • I2C - 1 pc.
  • USB - 1 pc.
  • Digital Input / Output - 12 pcs.
Supported protocols
Automation in the energy sector:
  • DNP-3
  • IEC 60870-5-104
  • IEC 61850
  • Modbus RTU/TCP
  • Proprietary EPU protocols

Characteristics of FESCOM Energy Manager

Measuring systems and electrical energy metering systems:
  • GOST IEC 61107
  • Mercury
  • DLMS/COSEM, SPODES (GOST R 58940-2020)
  • Mbus
  • Zigbee
Smart energy and IoT:
  • Common Smart Inverter Profile (CSIP)
  • EcoPort (ANSI/CTA-2045-B)
  • eMip
  • IEEE 2030.5
  • MQTT
  • OCHP
  • OCPI
  • OCPP
  • OpenADR
  • OSCP
  • SunSpec Modbus
  • XMPP
Industrial automation:
  • BACnet
  • EtherNet/IP(CIP)
  • KNXnet/IP
  • S7
  • FTP(S)
  • gRPC
  • HTTP(S)
  • ODBC
  • SNMP
  • SOAP
  • YDN1363