Electricity parameters meter FESCOM

Provides observability of the operating modes of the power supply system, both the object as a whole and its individual components. It is an essential component for monitoring and managing your energy resources.
Will provide solutions to your problems
  • developed as a structural, hardware component of the FESCOM Digital Platform;
  • modular design;
  • designed for operation in single- or three-phase AC networks;
  • measures instantaneous parameters: voltage, current, power, individual values for all 3 phases and in total for a three-phase load.
Quick and easy installation
  • The compact dimensions of the device provide installation flexibility;
  • detachable measuring transformers of meters are connected to existing wires without dismantling existing electrical equipment and electrical connections;
  • The use of external detachable current transformers allows installation without disconnecting the load.
Why did we do it ourselves?
  • We received a specialized solution, the best on the market in terms of cost and functionality:
  • embedded software developed by FESCOM;
  • sets of pre-configured parameters for solving specialized problems;
  • support for open standards for data exchange.
  • Voltage type: AC voltage;
  • number of phases: 3 phases per channel;
  • number of channels: up to 4 channels on one bus;
  • current measurement method: current transformer;
  • maximum current: 20 A, 80 A, 140 A, 200 A (determined by the type of current transformer);
  • current measurement method: detachable current transformer;
  • Energy unit: kWh;
  • accuracy class: 0.5S active energy (according to GOST R 52323–2005)
  • 1.0 reactive energy (according to GOST R 52425-2005);
  • presentation accuracy 0.01: (according to GOST R 52320–2005);
  • frequency 50 Hz: (according to GOST 32144–2013);
  • Frequency representation accuracy: 0.01.
  • rated voltage: 230 V (rms value for each phase;
  • power consumption of the meter from the alternating current network: no more than 0.4 VA;
  • type of execution: modular, the ability to set up to 4 measurement points. One measuring point - 3 phases.
  • mounting type: DIN rail mounting;
  • overall dimensions (W×D×H), mm: 37 x 91 x 60;
  • weight, kg: 0.15;
  • housing protection degree: IP51;
  • interface (port): RS-485;
  • protocol: Modbus RTU;
  • data transfer rate: from 600 to 115200 bps;
  • number of data bits: 8;
  • parity control: none/even/odd;
  • number of stop bits: 1/2.
Metrological characteristics

Characteristics of the FESCOM electricity parameters meter

  • ambient temperature: - 40 … + 70 °C;
  • relative humidity: 95%, at 25 °C;
  • atmospheric pressure: 70–106.7 kPa.
Terms of Use