• personal accounts of the owner of the RO (depending on the type of RO)
  • RPO monitoring according to specified parameters, data collection
  • formation of a technological schedule and management of the RPO operating schedule depending on the cost of electricity
  • automation of technological processes and business processes
  • integration with external information systems
  • control of electrical energy parameters, power supply quality
  • range of tasks for managing the life cycle of RPO operation
  • local power consumption forecasting
  • local forecasting of generation output
  • services v2h, v2g
  • forecasting regional peak hours
  • adaptive dynamic regulation of power consumption modes
  • a number of other solutions

Level "Behind the Counter". Examples of solved problems.

  • remote monitoring and control of regulated objects (RO)
  • creation of managed aggregations of distributed regulated objects (DRO)
  • forecasting RPO aggregation parameters (single RPO, RPO aggregation)
  • Frequency regulation (RPO Aggregation)
  • power regulation (RPO Aggregation)

Hierarchical classification

Electric power system level. Examples of solved problems.

  • dynamic control of RO load on power centers (single RO, RPO aggregations)
  • forecasting the load on power centers
FESCOM Digital Platform tools are applicable at all levels of the electricity system

Electrical distribution network level. Examples of solved problems.

Three hierarchical levels
Level 1 – Electrical Power System
Level 2 – Electrical distribution network
Level 3 – “Behind the Counter”