Subjective classification

  • cloud service for monitoring, assessing the technical condition of main process equipment, management decision support system
  • virtual power plant
  • solving your problem according to technical specifications
FESCOM Digital Platform tools are applicable to different entities
Professional participants in electricity markets. Examples of solved problems.
Four groups of subjects
Group 1 – Professional market participants
Group 2 – Enterprises, organizations, business
Group 3 – Technology Partners
Group 4 – Individuals
  • electric vehicle charging service for individuals in underground parking lots of apartment buildings
  • personal account of the owner of the RO (electricity storage systems, solar power plants), monitoring, data collection, automated management of the RO depending on the cost of electricity
Examples of solved problems.
  • cloud service for remote monitoring of technological equipment and (or) infrastructure, business analytics of operating modes
  • service for managing various types of regulated objects (RO) depending on the cost of electrical energy (power)
  • electric energy quality assurance service
  • solving your problem according to technical specifications
Enterprises, organizations, business. Examples of solved problems.
  • integration of the functions of the FESCOM digital platform into various third-party information systems and vice versa
  • integration at the data exchange level
  • solving your problem according to technical specifications
Technology partners.
Examples of solved problems.