Reduce energy costs

Custom classification

There is a whole range of technical and organizational solutions to reduce the cost of electricity. Using the Platform’s tools, we will not only develop and implement the optimal solution, but also determine the best business model specifically for your initial data.
FESCOM Digital Platform tools will help you solve your problems
Four categories of tasks
Category 1 – Cost reduction
Category 2 – Additional income
Category 3 – Automation and control
Category 4 – Monitoring, data collection, analytics
Additional earnings in the electricity markets
Electricity markets provide opportunities for additional income (for example), we will help you secure guaranteed additional income from participating in the electricity markets. Together we will build the necessary physical and digital infrastructure.
Automation, control, management of technological processes, business processes
If you are faced with tasks related to the management of electrical power equipment, automation, digitalization of technological processes, organizational processes in the field of electrical power, then we are guaranteed to cope with it on very competitive terms, since we have developed a specialized tool in accordance with industry recommendations ISO, IEC, IEEE , GOST RF, SEPA and best global practices. The competitive capabilities of the FESCOM Digital Platform have been tested in practice.
Monitoring, collection, processing, analytics of various technological data
This range of tasks is an integral part of any project using the tools of the FESCOM Digital Platform. To solve problems in this category, we use both our own software and hardware systems and integrate with third-party software and hardware systems and information systems. Contact us and together we will understand all the nuances of your task, providing the right solution.