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The most important trends in the modern electric power industry are digitalization, automation of technological and business processes.

We have focused on digitalization and automation of processes related to the purchase and consumption of electric energy.

The result of the work of a team of like—minded people and the product of the implementation of our ideas is the FESCOM digital platform.

FESCOM Services

we will provide 24/7 monitoring of your infrastructure, equipment, build operational processes for responding to unacceptable events, which will increase the production efficiency of the enterprise, organization, business

Economics of Electricity Consumption

we will help automate and digitize both technological and business processes related to the circulation of electricity, which will ensure control and manageability, resulting in cost reduction

Profile automation

we will collect, process and analyze various data arising in the process of electricity circulation, implement a reporting system, and ensure integration with your information systems

Data management

we will help reduce energy costs by managing the terms of purchase and parameters of electricity consumption, and we will also help you earn money by using the opportunities provided by the electricity markets

Monitoring Center

One platform — many application solutions

3 min.
FESCOM virtual power plant
A digital tool for monetizing the capabilities of your equipment or power infrastructure.
3 min.
Electric charging service
for kicksharing
Infrastructure service for kick-sharing operators
3 min.
Energy cost management
Software and hardware complex for managing the cost of electricity using electricity storage systems
Forms of business cooperation
We offer our partner clients to use new market practices within the current model of electricity markets. Economic calculations determine the advantages of the forms of business cooperation we offer.
Electricity supply model competitive with existing conditions
Case "Delivery"
An integrated approach to ensuring the required quality of electricity
Case "Quality"
Electrical energy cost management
Case "Management"
Why us
We are involved in every stage of the life cycle of a product or service, from idea to implementation, including support. We will provide you with a seamless, integrated approach that reduces the cost of ownership.
Beneficial cooperation
We are building the FESCOM company using modern organization and management methodologies. You will see the result in the competitive cost of our services and products.
Our solutions: 70% - out of the box, 30% - adaptation to the Client. Ready-made solutions will save you time and money compared to developing from scratch.
Economic expediency
We constantly adapt our tools, products and services to the ultra-fast changes occurring in technology and implement best practices. You have the opportunity to take advantage of these benefits.
Best practics
Four steps to the goal
  • You briefly formulate the problem
  • Together we coordinate and approve the technical and commercial parameters of the project
  • We develop technical specifications and conclude an agreement
  • We do the work - you get the result

Every task of our client is valuable to us

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