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Resident of the Energy Efficient Technologies Cluster of the Skolkovo Foundation


Developer of a platform for integrating IoT and IoE technology to implement the Energy-as-a-Service concept

FESCOM platform

The FESCOM platform is a set of software, hardware solutions and services created on their basis, aimed at solving the problem of minimizing capital and operating costs associated with the process of electricity consumption, including our own production.

The solutions used in the Platform are based on the intellectual property of FESCOM: patents for inventions, a patent for a utility model, certificates of a computer and design documentation.

Platform FESCOM is a ready-made tool

to implement the concept Energy-as-a-Service

FESCOM platform – for whom?

For small and medium enterprises

For integrators and engineering companies

For infrastructure companies

For large production companies

FESCOM platform – what for?

To reduce operating and capital costs for organizing the process of power supply for your Business

To automate the process of buying / consuming electricity for your Business and minimizing the cost of purchasing it

To build a virtual power plant – relevant for companies with distributed infrastructure, for example, retail, telecom, etc.

To automate the functionality of the energy service, if it is available at a large enterprise or replace the energy service, if it is not available for medium and small enterprises

To improve the reliability of power supply for your Business through the implemented technical solutions

To integrate existing technical solutions at the enterprise with the services of the FESCOM platform

FESCOM Support Institutions


Implemented cases


  • 11.03.2021

The result of the test implementation of FESCOM HSC

Based on the results of the end of industrial test operation of equipment at the facilities of the Russian Towers […]

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  • 08.02.2021

Supply of FESCOM HSC Equipment

FESCOM JSC has signed a contract for the production and supply of FESCOM HSC Equipment. The installation of equipment is […]

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  • 14.12.2020

Test implementation of FESCOM HSC Equipment

FESCOM JSC signed a contract for the supply and implementation of FESCOM HSC equipment for 100 facilities of the Russian […]

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